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Review: Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye (Psychic Eye Mystery #1) by Victoria Laurie

Book: Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye (Psychic Eye Mystery #1) by Victoria Laurie
Release Date: 07 Dec 2004
Publisher: Signet
Genre: Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Psychics
Summary: Clues are what every investigator needs to succeed...and that's where Abby Cooper has an unorthodox edge. You see, sometimes, like it or not, clues just come to her. Abby is a different sort of P.I. She's not a private detective, she's a psychic intuitive working with a crew of spirit guides to offer her clients the benefit of her glimpses into their future. She believes that free will is the only weapon against the destiny her visions reveal; she also believes that foreknowledge can give a person the power to change the future events she sees.
Of course, with such power comes responsibility, especially when what Abby sees is a matter of life and death! When Abby's talent gives her insights into the plans of a serial killer, she faces double jeopardy. She's determined to stop the killing and that means finding a way to convince the authorities that she's neither a kook nor a killer. Unfortunately, in her line of work, proof can be remarkably hard to come by, until it's too late. And the danger grows when the killer proves easier to convince than the cops.

Review: This book was a quick, fun, and light read. It didn't have much substance but I wasn't hoping for any. Laurie had me laughing out loud at certain parts and commending her on many of her witty and sarcastic remarks. I really enjoyed the writing style and feel of this book. It was fast paced without being overwhelming and the subject of a psychic detective never felt contrived or unrealistic.
I enjoyed all of Laurie's characters. Abby grew on me quite quickly. She was funny, caring and in a little over her head, which I always find fun when paired with humor. She had a great voice that kept me interested and chowing down chapters. I especially loved Abby's interactions with other characters. Her budding relationship with Dutch was the highlight but I also really enjoyed the interactions she had with her sister, Cat. I can't wait to see the Abby/Dutch relationship furthered in future books. Getting to know and trust one another was funny in this book but I can't wait to see a true partnership form between them (both professionally and personally).
Usually I don't mention any author information in my reviews but I felt this was too relevant not too. Victoria Laurie is a real life police psychic. While my personal opinion is that that's a load of hoo-ha, I couldn't help but think how how cool it was that she made a cozy mystery out of her life. I think she did a great job touching on preconceptions people have and treating them with humor and levity. I think if more psychics had her attitude and approach, my image of a psychic wouldn't be Professor Trelawney.

Thoughts as I Read:
  • "Maybe if I'd just pushed a little harder, used my gift to probe a little deeper, perhaps I could have saved Allison's life in the end, and in doing so prevented a serial killer from setting his sights on me. The tricky thing about fate, however, is that it's all in the timing." I'm liking Abby's voice so far, she reminds me a little of Stephanie Plum.
  • "Dutch looked up and met my eyes, regarding me critically, and for a moment his face changed in a way that made me wish I had never told him what I did for a living. Cold, calculating eyes stared at me, and his expressions was so blank it was scary." I wish that the book's summary hadn't spoiled this. I think it would have been more fun finding out alongside Abby.
  • "Dutch sat in that restaurant the week before looking all gooey-eyed and allowing me to believe he was interested when all he'd really wanted was to pin a murder on me. I had one word for him, and it started with an 'ass' and ended in 'hole'." I love how Abby's able to keep me laughing. I'm glad I picked this up to start my winter break with.
  • ""Dear Mystic Lady, your subtle beauty and dazzling smile suggest a heart I'd love to dance with. Shall we meet?"" Oh, Abby. Internet dating and contacting a guy you're suspicious of? Definitely two wonderful choices that I can't possibly imagine going wrong.
  • "Eggy greeted me and I picked him up, cuddling him as I sighed into his fur. "Men!" I muttered. He must have understood completely, because he gave my cheek an extra-big slobbery kiss." It's not a good cozy unless there's a furry sidekick!
  • ""Coffee? Tea? Or try me, Dutch?"" I really hope that's an Alice in Wonderland reference because if it is, Abby is the best at sarcastic comebacks.
  • "Another great example was when Cat decided to take the twins to Disney World and invited me along. I received a seven-page itinerary for a three-day vacation via email, then by registered post, plus two follow-up phone calls to ensure that I had indeed received the itinerary." I'm sure this is funny to everyone whose mother doesn't do the exact same thing. I've never had a relaxing vacation.
Rating: 4 Bites


  1. This is one of my all time favorite series and it just keeps getting better :) Thanks for sharing today.

  2. I've read the orther serie of victoria Laurie, but not this one, thanks for the review, i think i will buy it !

  3. this is right up my alley, thanks Ill have to check it out

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