Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thespians Take Over Thursday: #1

Thespians Take Over Thursday is a short break from books to instead focus on films, actors and the like.

Recently I've seen The Green Hornet and The Proposal. Absolutely nothing in common, right? Wrong. I'm so excited for Green Lantern's release. I'll admit that I'm a huge geek for comic book movies but I've also got to confess that I hadn't been looking forward to Green Lantern until after seeing The Proposal. I was sure that the story would be great but Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively really turned me off. I like Lively but it seemed wrong to put a Gossip Girl in a superhero movie, the same kind of wrong as bringing Cedric Diggory back to life as a sparkly ass vampire. Reynolds has never sat right with me, he just looks goofy. You can't honestly tell me that when you saw the image to the right that you didn't think, "what a dope."

So we've determined that I'm a rotten comic book movie snob who would prefer these roles go to pieces of man meat like Christian Bale and Robert Downey Junior. Now why would I go see The Green Hornet in theaters when Seth Rogan, of all people, helped write the script? I have absolutely no clue... other than the fact that the 'Green Bee' comment in trailers made me giggle like a first grader. The Green Hornet was good but it was ridiculously obvious that Rogan helped write that 'balls deep' script.

Moving on. Netflix, oh how I love you, had The Proposal streaming via Wii. Being a live at home college student, I make it my duty to do something nice for my mom every once in a while as incentive to keep making my meals. On Valentine's Day she wanted to watch that movie and my dad had better things to do, like hide in the bathroom with my puppy. So I watched it. And I loved it. I won't be fangirling over Reynolds anytime soon but I don't see him as the box office clown anymore.


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