Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wonder Woman Wednesday: #2

Wonder Woman Wednesday is for all those kick ass chicks. Each week an amazing lady will be feature whether they be fiction, author or simply too good to pass up.

This week's kick ass chick is Kate Beckett of ABC's hit TV show Castle. She's also the inspiration for Richard Castle's Nikki Heat novels (Heat Wave, Naked Heat and in September Heat Rises). Beckett is one of NYPD's finest and recently attained sainthood after taking on Castle as a sidekick. She's had a rough life, but then again your mom's murder and your apartment being fire bombed would toughen anyone. Yet she always manages to keep a snarky outlook on life and is slowly learning to trust. Somehow Beckett gets even better, she's a fellow book lover.

It's currently Kate's third year with Castle and it certainly isn't getting any less interesting. Castle wants Nikki Heat to storm the big screen and Kate's already been victim to several potential actresses to play her. There is only one Kate Beckett though, as her team and Castle have come to realize. She's always kick ass, whether she's taking down criminals, reading a good book or helping Alexis, Castle's teen daughter.


  1. This section of your blog is super cool. I love your kick a$$ chicks selections. It is so powerful and inspiring. It reminds me that we all have that force within ourselves.


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