Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thespians Take Over Thursday: #3

Thespians Take Over Thursday is a short break from books to instead focus on films, actors and the like.

BBC's Sherlock is the best mini series I have ever seen. I was skeptical at first because I couldn't make a modern day Sherlock Holmes work in my head. The show is perfect though. Holmes remains true to his observation based crime solving which was my biggest concern before watching the show, I didn't want to watch a beloved character turn to forensics. The actor who plays him is brilliant. I can only describe his performance of Holmes as a combination of Sheldon of The Big Bang Theory (if you're unfamiliar, picture the most socially awkward OCD person you can think of) and Patrick Jane of The Mentalist (cocky know-it-all who likes to keep everyone in the dark). He's hilarious.

There are only three episodes currently but this fall there will be another mini season. The first episode, A Study in Pink, is a play on A Study in Scarlet. In this episode Holmes and Watson meet and work on their first case together. The show does a spectacular job of including classic lines from the books as well as modernizing the characters we love (DI Lestrade and Mrs.Hudson). The first case is a potential serial killing to which Sherlock says: "We've got a serial killer on our hands. Love those, there's always something to look forward to."


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