Monday, April 25, 2011

Spotlight Discussion: Bookcased #1

I've had the same bookcase in my bedroom for three years, which really isn't that long but I've been terrified that it would kill me in my sleep since day one. Granted, I overloaded the thing like crazy but the overall quality doesn't even begin to compare to the new bookcase I bought. And here's what really bugs me, I paid more (at least $20+) for the hazardous, poorly made bookcase. Um anyway, I've got so many books that I absolutely needed another bookcase. So I ordered two from I've got one all set up and it took me a little over an hour (okay, I just watched my dad put it together). It's already all set up and stocked full of books. I wanted to share some crazy photos with you all.

(click photo to make full size)

This is the before photo. Note how all of the shelves on the crappy left bookcase are bowing. Also, please note that only a fraction of my books are pictured in this photo. All shelves are doubled up and I've taken over the rest of the house with books. The very bottom shelf on the right bookcase shouldn't look the way it does, it got put on backwards so the wall is getting the pretty side.

(click photo to make full size)

And this is the after photo. OMG!! It looks better already. Right bookcase has nothing doubled up. I stacked on top of the shorter books because just a row looked lonely. The only hardcovers are on the bottom shelf. I've got Harry Potter (don't ask why I have so many doubles) and Twilight. On the left bookcase, we can see that the shelves are permanently bowed (not a surprise). I managed to clear up the floor stacks and get rid of the doubled up books for the top three shelves. It's still a precarious mess though. I really don't like how big that top shelf area is... it makes me want to stack which that shelf really can't handle.
I have another bookcase to put together that I plan on putting next to the other new one. I hope to order another to replace the shitty one too since I'm so pleased. Expect a product review on the new bookcase soon! Here's a hint though, I freakin' love this bookcase.

Because I'm lazy, I took photos of all the new shelves so that I could add my owned books to goodreads, shelfari and librarything. In case you're interested in some of what I've got, below are some pretty awesome pictures that I took.

(click photo to make full size)

Top Shelf: Wow, what an eclectic mix and this isn't even the weirdest books I own. In middle school I went through an emo/realistic YA fiction phase (hence Perks of Being a Wallflower and Go Ask Alice). I can't even read those anymore. There are a few classics in there and some forensic mysteries. Almost the entire bottom row is UF/PNR. As you can see, I don't really order my books. They get thrown in there based on when I purchase them.

(click photo to make full size)

Second Shelf: Those Tolkien books sure are beat up. The first time I experienced the series was one winter when I had a perpetual cold. I was so sick and uncomfortable. My mom read all of the books to me because all I did was lay on the couch. Thanks mom! I can't believe I own that CSI Miami book, I never liked that spin-off. On another absolutely horrifying note, I can't believe Patricia Briggs would allow two of her titles to be tYpEd LiKe ThIs. It DrIvEs Me CrAzY. And once again, the bottom row is almost all UF/PNR.

(click photo to make full size)

Middle Shelf: This shelf has some of my favorite books ever. We've got The Golden Compass, Mercy Thompson books, Night Huntress books, Kitty Norville books and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Anyone remember when Libba Bray's A Great and Terrible Beauty was the book series? Jeez, Ace Publishing does really well on my shelves.

(click photo to make full size)

Fourth Shelf: And now we've reached the books whose heights irritate me. Can't they just pick a size like mass market paperbacks and stick with it?! I hate having everything uneven because I can't stack. I can't even begin to explain this shelf. It's too diverse. We've got The Secret Life of Bees (which was a gift from someone who doesn't know me at all apparently), The Historian (which is upside down, rebel) and Enchanted Inc (which is awesome). There are a lot of movie books on this shelf.

(click photo to make full size)

Bottom Shelf: Umm... well... I'm amazing. That's the only excuse I have for this shelf. This is my only series organized shelf. I can't find the hardcover version of HP4 anywhere in my house and it's starting to bug me enough to repurchase it. Why do I have hardcovers and paperbacks of some books? Well, I took all my HPs on vacation with me a few summers ago and all of the hardcovers made my suitcase overweight so I bought some in paperback to lighten the load. Duh. Why do I have two hardcover copies of HP7? I honestly have no clue. I don't remember buying a second copy when I went to the midnight book release.
I still haven't read the fourth Twilight book or the Bree Tanner book which is floating around my house somewhere. I don't think I'll ever read them either. I loved the first book, loved it. And then book two was depressing. Then in book three Bella became more Bella-y and Edward wasn't book one Edward and Jacob... I don't like him. I got only a few chapters into book four before I called it quits and read the short version on the internet.
As you can see, the backwards shelf really isn't that big of a deal, it's just dipped in a tiny bit and yellowed. As soon as I get it painted I doubt it will be noticeable at all. Hell, we didn't notice it when we put it together so I could just leave it as is.

Share your shelves with me in the comments!


  1. Yay! It looks so pretty!

    I bought that same shelf in black. It's so sturdy! I love mine too. I am trying to talk my husband into buying me another. :)

    Jennifer of Little Shelf

  2. That shelf looks 100 times better..good job!

  3. YAY for your new bookshelves!! I just got another one too! *sigh* Now my hubby wants me to actually PUT all the books I have scattered all over my house ON it...

    His words,
    "Why did I buy you your Nook if you're still going to buy hard copy books too?"

    Um... what? I'm confused. Because I freaking need both okay?!

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