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Review: Inside Out (Insider #1) by Maria V. Snyder

Book: Inside Out (Insider #1) by Maria V. Snyder
Release Date: 01 Apr 2010
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Genre: Young Adult, Dystopia, Science Fiction
Summary: Keep Your Head Down.
Don't Get Noticed.
Or Else.
I'm Trella. I'm a scrub. A nobody. One of thousands who work the lower levels, keeping Inside clean for the Uppers. I've got one friend, do my job and try to avoid the Pop Cops. So what if I occasionally use the pipes to sneak around the Upper levels? The only neck at risk is my own...until I accidentally start a rebellion and become the go-to girl to lead a revolution.

Review: Trella, a scrub and Queen of the Pipes, has agreed to humor her only friend another time and listen to a new prophet babble on about Gateway in hopes that she can prevent Cogon from getting into trouble. Only this time the prophet doesn't seem to be a Pop Cop ploy or completely delusional man. The prophet asks Trella to break rules restricting the scrubs to the lower levels and steal back important computer files, files that possibly prove Gateway's existence. If Trella gets caught or it turns out to be a trap, she faces death but hope in the lower levels is something worth fighting for.
If you like Maria V. Snyder, read this book. If you like dystopians, read this book. If you like young adult, read this book. Hell, if you even sorta kinda find reading a little bit fun, read this book! If I hadn't already been a fan of Snyder's Glass series, there is no way you would have been able to convince me that she hadn't been writing YA dystopians her entire career and this was simply the pièce de résistance. As soon as I finished Inside Out I checked to make sure my local bookstore had the sequel in stock for pickup later that day.
I don't want to say much in this review as I don't want to spoil anything for future readers. I will say that this reading this book has resulted in dystopia being my favorite genre and in having a new book that I plan on irritating all my friends until they read. Often times I love a story for either their characters or the story, I fell in love with both of those in Inside Out. I fell in love with the cleverness of the writing, the emotional response each page drew from me and the sheer pleasure of reading. Inside Out will be something I reread every chance I get.

Quotes & Thoughts as I Read:
  • Cogon's voice in full lecture mode echoed in my mind as the water rushed closer. “Someday, Trella. You'll screw up and there will be bits of you raining out of the showers.” Umm... where to start? Love her name! And what a seriously awesome start to a book. I'm already captive.
  • I stepped back in alarm. “No,” he rushed to assure me. “I'm not part of the Population Control Police. What do you call them? Pop Cops?” I'm struggling to take the 'Pop Cops' seriously and have a villainous image of them. Pop Cops sounds like a fun type of candy.
  • The cleaning device looked like a hairy troll spinning and singing to himself. This is probably the lamest quote I've ever posted but I had the most horrible flashback to sophomore year in high school because of it. My pre-calc teacher thought bringing in his collection of troll dolls would cheer us up on test days. There were literally hundreds of them in the room, all naked and staring at me.
  • “Disappeared?” Figured, I thought. He was a plant and I had fallen for it like a gullible three-hundred-week-old. “No. Taken.” Cog looked up. Blood ran down his face from a gash on his forehead. What page am I on? Oh, not even thirty yet and the book is already action packed and adrenaline driven.
  • “Yes, sir.” I walked away. I felt her gaze drilling hole into my back. The desire to run, jump into one of the ducts and hide pushed at my muscles. Instead, I kept a steady rhythm and only looked back as I turned the corner. Lieutenant Commander Karla met my glance with a thoughtful and lethal squint. Definitely taking the Pop Cops seriously now. Karla is one cold bitch.
  • “She already suspects you're involved, telling her about your title would give her a reason to arrest you.” “But you could have earned a better post.” He shrugged. “I did it for old time's sake. Besides, if you're hiding Broken Man, that means you actually care for another person and there's hope for you yet.” Ouch, I like unsocial Trella. Her prickly exterior makes me want to befriend her.
  • “Stop or I'll stun you.” I looked over my shoulder. He pointed his gun at me. By the intensity radiating from his blue eyes, I knew he was serious. And he seemed taller than before. Why hadn't I noticed his muscular build? I was unsure about Riley's introduction to the story at first. It seemed too unlikely yet predictable in terms of dystopian stories. He's unique though and I'm enjoying what he's bringing to the story.
  • The smells of sweat, blood and fear created an acidic stew. Taking shallow breaths, I peered into the dank cells. Black bars caged tiny areas only big enough for a bed and toilet. Although, calling the metal slab a bed was being generous. Three cells lined each side of the room with a short corridor between them. Cog was the sole occupant. Oh, Cog! I've got a bad feeling about you're fate.
  • Understanding lit his eyes and another emotion softened his posture. When I realized he pitied me, I crossed my arms over my chest to keep myself from punching Riley in the face. It's hard to say why I adore Trella's character so much. But that quote right there, that's why.
  • “I don't know the answer,” Logan said. I reached out but managed to stop my hands from wrapping around his neck. “What is the question?” “Oh. It's the end and the beginning. What is it?” I love word puzzles. After finishing this chapter I spent forever trying to guess the answer before reading on.
  • “I haven't met the right woman yet. Guess I'm waiting for someone to...surprise me.” He continued walking. “Surprise you how?” “Oh, the usual way, I guess. Suddenly appear out of nowhere and completely change my life. You know, boring stuff.” Squeeee! If I hadn't been fangirling before, I would be now for sure.
Rating: 5 Bites
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  1. I won the second book in this series, but I still need to read this one!

  2. @Bookish Brunette
    Lucky duck! Definitely an awesome prize. Hope you enjoy it once you're able to read the first one. I hadn't planned on reading this book anytime soon but one of my goodreads book clubs is reading Outside In. I'm so glad I read it!

  3. I love Maria Snyders study series, her newer series I didn't like as much though. I read inside out and it wasn't quite my type of book. Glad you liked it though! And if you haven't read her study series you should totally give them a try.

  4. I have only read Maria Snyder's Study series, but I absolutely loved them! I am looking forward to reading both her Glass series and the Inside Out series! So glad you enjoyed it! I am sure I will too! Hope to get my hands on it soon! :)

  5. I loved this book! Actually, I have loved everything by Maria V. Snyder. She is one of my favorite authors ever! :) Outside In was wonderful, too. :)

  6. @Maria
    I haven't read that series yet. I've heard amazing things though so I will have to get on it! Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy this one as much as I did. Dystopias and YA are both odd genres where a lot of people will love one aspect and for others, it can just as easily be something that ruins the whole books for them. I can't read any YA with boarding schools but if it's middle-grade or adult, I'm fine.

  7. @Phanee
    I've read the two you haven't! I love both of them but they're so utterly different from one another that it sorta surprises me. I hope you enjoy them whenever you get a chance to read them. & I need to get the Study series since I'm reading so many good things!

  8. @Lieder Madchen
    I'm so happy to hear Outside In is good. My local bookstore didn't have it, naturally, so I'm waiting for my library to get it from another in my state. I'm going crazy waiting for it!

  9. My library doesn't have it, either! Fortunately, I had some credit at Powell's bookstore and could therefore get it months sooner than if I had to wait for my library. (I love my library, but they are frustrating sometimes.) :)

  10. @Lieder Madchen
    My library is under the impression that the only genre ever is mystery. There is only one shelf (not bookshelf, just shelf) for fantasy/scifi and ya. It's really annoying. Every time I'm there, I leave a nice little comment in the comment box about how more people might use their library if they had a better selection. I'm pretty sure they're just ordering what they read though because half the time they mindlessly check out my books whilst reading something.

  11. Your so lucky! I haven't had a chance yet to read this book, but I want to. I've heard so many good things about it, and your review just proves that fact. I've read Snyder's Study series and really enjoyed them, so I have high hopes for this one too.

  12. Thank you for the review, it is awesome! I am gonna borrow this book from my friend. I am glad you enjoy it. I am really looking forward to read it! =) =)

  13. Thanks for the great review! I like how you said if we like YA, dystopian or whatnot, we should read this book! Now I'm really excited to read this! Hope I can get a hold of a copy soon!

  14. Whooaaa....I love the quotes feature at the end! It's what makes me want to check the book out! And I really want to read this book! C:

    I love dystopian novels also, and this will no doubt be a great read for me. I especially liked that last quote, haha!

    A good review, and the story is so intriguing! Can't wait to see the next one!

  15. I haven't read this book yet, but thank you for the great review. I love dystopian books! It's now one of my favorite genre/sub-genre. This series is on my to-read list. I can't wait to read this one and i hope i'll like it as much as you did. Have you read the second one yet, the Outside In? I wish you could write a review of it too. Thanks!

  16. i am so looking forward to reading this series!!
    great review!its really got me interested!

  17. A YA dystopian with a gutsy female lead. Perfect!


  18. Ooh, now I really can't wait to read this! I've read Poison Study & Magic Study by Maria Snyder and LOVED them. This looks like it'll be just as good. Great review! :)

  19. I haven't had much interest in this book, but you make me want to check it out!

  20. I loved Maria V Snyder's other books and I have been really curious about this one- thanks for the review!

  21. I haven't read this series yet.:( I've heard amazing things on this book..thanks for the review.. :)

  22. I totally agree with you. I was first familiar with Maria Snyder with her Study series, then was hooked with her amazing writing and character development. Now I have her Glass series too! I was at first surprised and a little hesitant that she had a dystopian book out, but quickly loved it and now have both this and Outside In. All these books will be on my bookshelf until my niece is old enough to read them! :)


  23. It's been a little less than a year since you did this review, but I agree with you on all accounts 100%, especially with the fact that it felt like Snyder took Dystopia like a pro, as if YA Dystopias were her norm and not at all her fantasy books, it's huge evidence of her talent in my opinion.

    I don't want to write spoilers in the comments but needless to say I don't know about you but the climax/ending shocked me and I hadn't seen it coming at all.

    ~Sam of Journey Through Pages

    So, so, so excited to read Outside In.


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