Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Reading Interview with Jen from Red Hot Books

Welcome to the very first interview of the Summer Reading Interview session. The interviews will run at 4:30PM for each day that there's an interview available to post. I hope you discover lots of great reads and enjoy your summer!
If you didn't have a chance to fill out this interview yourself, no worries! You'll get another chance late August for Fall books.

Today we have Jen from Red Hot Books visiting us.
A little bit about Jen: I love books that provide an escape from reality. I work in tv news and sometimes, exposure to awful real-world stuff can get me down. So when I sit down to read, I enjoy a break from all that. I love Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. And I occasionally dip in to Historical Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, m/m, or erotica.
Check out her blog or stalk her on twitter.

Me: What is one absolute, must read for you this summer?
Jen: That's hard. I'm going to cheat and give you two. Retribution by Sherrilyn Kenyon comes out August 2. One Grave at a Time by Jeaniene Frost comes out August 30. I love both of these authors for the very same reason. Great world building sets the backdrop for scorching romance. The biggest difference it that Frost's Night Huntress books all focus on the same couple: Cat & Bones; while Kenyon's Dark Hunter books have different romantic leads in each installment.

Me: What is one book you feel everyone else should be reading this summer?
Jen: If you like Urban Fantasy, I must suggest Hunt the Moon by Karen Chance. I sat down last week and read all of her Cassie Palmer books back-to-back and this (most recent) one, rocked my socks off.

Me: There are tons of great looking books coming out this summer. What are some of the summer releases you're looking forward to?
Jen: Hmm. Other than Retribution and One Grave at a Time... I'm also looking forward to Spell Bound by Kelley Armstrong. I love her Otherworld books and the last one ended on a bit of a cliffhanger. Dark Taste of Rapture comes out in August. That is the latest in Gena Showalter's Alien Huntress series. (And she's got a new Lords of the Underworld book coming right behind it in September!) And I have to give a mention to Burn the Night by Jocelynn Drake. It comes out June 28. I read an advance copy and it was outstanding! Ditto on Rebirth by Sophie Littlefield.

Me: You've got towels, sunscreen and everything else needed for the beach but naturally left some space for a few books. Which books will you be stuffing into your beach bag?
Jen: My TBR pile is HUGE. Maybe Kitty's Greatest Hits by Carrie Vaughn. The Hexed anthology. And Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison.

Me: When you're trying to beat the heat, reading a huge book can be a bummer to have sticking to your skin. Any novella, short story or anthology recommendations?
Jen: Absolutely. I loved Before the Witches by Karina Cooper. I liked The Naked Truth by Lilly Cain too.

Me: Almost nothing is better than taking a dip in the pool or ocean on a scorching hot day. Any books you're looking forward to or would recommend to turn sweat to shivers?
Jen: If you haven't read The Restorer by Amanda Stevens, now is the time. This is a great story about a woman who can see ghosts. Defintely shiver-inducing!

Me: The summer is usually when the biggest blockbusters are released in theaters. Are there any (past or present) book to film adaptations you're hoping to see?
Jen: I am looking forward to the Hunger Games movie. That book was just so gripping. I even saw a fan-made short on it that made me cry.
In a perfect world, I'd love to see a film adaptation of The Hollows books by Kim Harrison.

Me: If there's anything you want to add...
Jen: I hope you'll drop by and check out the blog. I read a lot, so there's a new review up every day. I also love suggestions and recommendations. There's always a great, new book around the corner.


Thank you so much Jen for taking the time to share some great books!


  1. You need to read Dragon Bound ASP! That was such a fantastic book… Now that I see all of your recs I wonder what’s with Urban Fantasy and book series, there are so many and they just keep coming. I guess in part is because of the amount of work put just on the world-building that the authors need several books to really show it and also because they are not going to waste it on one book. I can decide on whether I’m annoyed by that or glad. Anyway, great interview Jen, I love the idea of having bloggers recommending books since I’m always looking for new things to read, kudos to Kaity for that! I’ll be sure to stop by often and see what everyone is reading!
    See you guys around!
    Romance Around the Corner


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