Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Return from the Unexpected Hiatus

Hi everyone! I'm so glad to see that many of you are still here. As a few of you know (those who I'd made commitments to should have received an email), the past few months have been incredibly rough on me. It's my senior semester of uni and anyone who's taken organic chemistry will know how much fun I've been having...

I'd planned on just being absent from reading and blogging for just a few days while I got back into things at school. I ended up getting bronchitis which went untreated for many weeks (everyone is sick in college so I ignored it despite all of my horrific symptoms) and then my bronchitis gave me a full respiratory infection on top of that. I could barely handle breathing let alone my classes. Somehow I made it through the semester but I had to abandon Bitten Books and, even more sadly, reading for pleasure altogether. My "break" from blogging pretty much consisted of sleeping, attempting to stay caught up on classes, and trying to sleep.

I'm so sorry to all of those who I let down. I hope you received my email and that I didn't forget anyone! It's a new year and I'm hoping things go much more smoothly both health and blog-wise.


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