Review Policy

 Request a Review (or Other Form of Promotion)

Please email me ( if you are interested in:

  • requesting a review
  • sponsoring/contributing to a giveaway
  • writing a guest post
  • participating in an interview
  • any other form of promotion you can think of
I am more than happy to accept books already on the shelves and review copies as well as any ARCs/galleys from authors, publishers, or publicists. I am accepting ebooks for review, however, a hard-copy is preferred. Any ebooks for review must be Kindle friendly, reading on a computer is too hard on my eyes. Also, I am happy to work with self-pubs/indies.

Preferred Genres: Bitten Books mainly focuses on fantasy and romance in adult, young adult and middle grade titles.

  • Paranormal Romance
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Dystopia
  • Historical Romance
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Steampunk
  • Mystery (mostly just cozy or YA/MG)
You can also browse my review achieve to get an idea of what I enjoy or see my wishlist on goodreads.

Genres and Topics I Try to Avoid:

  • Anything with BDSM
  • Most Nonfiction
  • Self-Help
  • Poetry
  • Biographies
  • Most Erotica (I don't mind explicit smut but I'd rather the book be technically classified as romance)
  • Depressing Subjects
  • Overly Dramatic or Angsty Plots/Characters
  • Religious Themes
  • Some Realistic Fiction (only applies to adult literature)

Reviews: All of my reviews are posted here as well as on amazon, goodreads, librarything, and shelfari. I'd be more than happy to post a review elsewhere if it is desired. I review every book that I finish. I will not write a full review for a book that I didn't finish for whatever reason because my opinion on it could have changed in what I hadn't read; however, I may post a few sentences on why I didn't continue. In every review I give an honest rating and my reasonings. If I dislike a book, I will say why but I will also try to point out parts/aspects that I'm sure others will enjoy. My ratings guide has a little more information on this.

Series: If the book is not the first in a series, I will read all the previous books before reading and reviewing that one. As such, the desired review will likely be delayed. I would appreciate it if these books were provided to me. As always, hard-copies are preferred, however, I would be happy to receive ebooks if that's not feasible.

Timeliness: I simply cannot guarantee when a review will be posted or if there will be one at all as there is always a chance the book might end up as a DNF. ARCs/galleys and tours always get precedence. If there is a time frame in which you would like a review to be completed in, please let me know so I can work with you.

Stats: I can be found on twitter, goodreads, librarything, shelfari, & facebook.
After six months of blogging (as of August 11 '11) Bitten Books' general stats are:
145 Posts with over 900 Comments
Google Page Rank of 3
700+ Google Friend Connect Followers
650+ Twitter Followers
450+ Friends/Followers on Goodreads
150+ Facebook Page Likes
80+ Networked Blog Followers
According to statcounter Bitten Books received on average about: 650 Page Loads, 400 Unique Visits, 275 First Time Visits and 125 Returning Visits each week. (statcounter)
Bitten Books has received 20,000+ page loads during its first six months.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me.
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